Members Work

Recent work by Ian Ethell (December 2019)

Offset winged bowl

Ash 12” x 4” x 4” (300mm x 100mm x 100mm) turned to 1/10” (2.5mm). Tuned side grain between centres, starting on centre to remove some of the imbalance, and progressively moved off centre, removing the imbalance in stages. Wing taken to final thickness with a negative rake scraper. Bowl section turned conventionally on a spigot then jam chucked to remove foot. Hand sanded and finished with hard wax oil.


Spalted Sycamore – 11” x 4” x 5” (280mm x 100mm x 125mm). Turned side grain between centres, Then hollowed on a spigot. Underside of lid turned with blank held on a spigot, then jam chucked into base, supported by revolving centre to shape top face. Ripples shaped with negative rake scraper. Hand sanded, and airbrushed with acrylic ink, then finished with acrylic satin lacquer.


Professional software Geek and hobbyist hurter of wood.